Good morning Church family! I am writing this blog as we enter into third week of dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. On my way into the office, I learned from the radio that the unemployment numbers had just come out with nearly 3 million people applying for benefits. That’s not surprising when you drive through town and see all the vacant parking lots of businesses. The pain of this COVID 19 pandemic is far reaching. We have those whose health is failing and they are fighting off death. We have the non-profits like Renewal Ranch who give their lives to do a job that no one would sign up for losing funding. We have the business owner to the single mom who is a waitress feeling the seriousness of financial collapse. Despite all of this, we can rest assured that this has not caught God off guard. 

We can rest assured that God has a reason for all of the calamity of COVID 19. One of those reasons is found in Acts 17:27. Acts 17:27 says “God did this so that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us.” Let me explain, no doubt many of you have gone to Walmart and have found the empty shelves. If you are looking to purchase bottled water, meat or toilet paper you had better get to Walmart when the truck is being unloaded. While the shelves at Walmart are empty for bottled water, meat and toilet paper, there is one more item that is quickly disappearing. This item is not found in the food section of Walmart but the book section. The book that is now all of a sudden flying off the shelves is the Bible. God is not allowing this virus to effect all of us in such a serious way because He is mad at us. He is allowing all of this to happen because He loves us. He is giving us a chance to reach out to Him. He is giving us all a chance to reset from our lives that have become so busy that we forgot Him. He is giving those who have never professed Him an opportunity one more time. Rest assured God has a reason for all of this!

I know each person reading this blog is feeling the pain of this virus either economically or physically. As many of you know, my family’s business is property management. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a single mother who is a waitress that rents a duplex from us. She called saying she could not pay the rent that she was already two weeks behind on. She picked up extra hours at the restaurant but in 7 days she had only received $70 in tips. She normally received more than a $100 per day in tips. She then a few days later told me the restaurant that she had worked at for 10 years has shut down their doors for lack of business. This young mother was devastated and without hope. All I could do for her was point her to Jesus. In her desperation, she was willing to listen as I was able to point her scripture. Is her financial crisis terrible? Yes, it’s devastating to her. Is the fact that she cannot pay her rent hard on my family’s business? Yes, the bank will still want to be paid for the mortgage and I am guessing the property taxes and insurance man will expect payment regardless if we have been paid or not. But I am telling you, if this is what it takes for this young single unemployed mother to reach out to Jesus…it’s worth all the pain caused to all parties concerned!  Church family, rest assured God has a reason for COVID 19. That reason Is for people to find Him. The good news is that He is not far from anyone of us and whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!

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