It appears that the numbers are improving concerning the virus and that is good news. It seems that the vaccines are having a favorable impact and this should only improve as more, and more, get their shots. I think we are all ready for some positive news concerning this pandemic that has had such a negative impact on our nation, and world, for over a year. It was just about one year ago that we had to start making adjustments to our ministry and schedule of services. We have tried to adhere to the guidelines and keep our membership safe and not be a source of the spreading of the virus.

This pandemic has been such that none of us can recall having to deal with such an outbreak of a virus that has caused so much sickness and death. All of us have been amazed at the numbers that have been reported, and questioned have certainly been asked about the numbers, but we cannot deny the pandemic is serious. We all probably know of someone that is no longer with us because of the virus and I have certainly lost some special friends.

We are hoping that, in the near future, some of the guidelines will be relaxed and we can get back to some normalcy in our worship and schedule. I am looking forward to the start of our Sunday school ministry which would mean the relaxation of social distancing and the wearing of mask. I know that I have truly grown ‘weary’ of having to wear a mask! To be weary is quit an extensive feeling which means; ‘beat’, ‘all-in’, ‘tired’, ‘wiped out’, ‘drained’. I remember times throughout my ministry, when visiting in the hospital, having to wear a mask in visitation. I was glad to see that doctors, and nurses, were wearing their mask as I entered the surgery room and when I was in the coronary care unit.

Wearing a mask has become an issue that everyone probably has an opinion about and we even grow weary of the debate. Some will let you know that they just cannot come to church if they are asked to wear a mask. Still others will let you know that they will not come to church if the people are not asked to wear their mask. The wearing of a mask has even become a theological question of scriptural soundness of a local church. If a local church asked their membership to wear a masked they are giving into the government and have lost their doctrinal soundness. Never mind that they are simply trying to protect their membership from a virus that has certainly shown itself to be deadly. When we are going to eat out, or going into a business, wearing a mask is not an option, at this time, but we continue to go.

May I encourage all of us, in our weariness, not to allow the Devil a tool to damage our fellowship and service to the Lord. I truly miss my sheep and look forward to the guidelines be lifted and the return of the saints to the house of worship!


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