What is on your to do list today? Do you even have a list? Have you arranged a schedule which will allow you to complete your list in an orderly way? Some people live their lives with no real schedule of things that need to be done. One thing that many are guilty of is missing an opportunity to do something that will have a lasting influence on our lives. One subject that many do not think about in the now is the subject of eternity. We seem to be convinced that one day we will take care of the subject of eternity. Many just assume that their ‘today’ will be followed by another day.

What happened to the ‘Rich Man’ in Luke 16 who had everything materially in life and planned to ‘live-it-up’ the rest of his life. He was so busy building his kingdom for personal pleasure that he never made room for God in his life. What happened is that Jesus said, “the rich man died and was buried” but the next thing Jesus says is most alarming, “and in hell he lifted up his eyes”. I think we all agree that he should have taken time to consider God.

In this life only are we presented with the opportunity to make a decision about where we will spend eternity, matter of fact the Bible says, “today is the day of salvation”. It also says, “if today you hear His voice harden not your heart”. What is so special about today is that it is the ONLY day we have to claim the promise of God that “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED”.

If you don’t know Jesus today you need to seize (grab, snatch, grasp, clutch, take hold of) the opportunity (occasion, opening, juncture, moment, point in time) to call upon Him for your personal salvation. When you take time to think about the uncertainties of time, and how quickly days pass away, it should make you want to ‘seize the opportunity’.

When Zacchaeus heard that Jesus was in town, and passing his way, he rushed ahead of the crowd, and climbed a tree, because he realized this opportunity may never be his again.

To his surprise Jesus stopped, looked up in the tree and call him down out of the tree, and went home with Zaachaeus that ‘day’. Zaachaeus seized the opportunity and it changed is life then and for eternity!

I’m telling all of us “Make time for Jesus” the opportunity we have ‘today’ may never pass our way again. I especially plead with those who have never asked Jesus into their hearts because death will usher us into either heaven or hell and death may come today.


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